Production of a crystal table lamp


bacteria, purify the air, desk lamps as well as help to alleviate disease and allergy related symptoms. Lamps, a soft pink light offers soothing light work or reading, make a greater crystal table lamp is perfect. Although you can buy a crystal table lamp, you can save a little money, make your own custom lights. The result is well worth the effort.

A gently wash and dry rock salt crystals. Crystal should weigh a big bulb light 4-6 lbs. Larger crystals, but also more easy to use, because they do not as easy as cracking or splitting.

Choose to end the top of your lamp. About 3 inches above the bottom of the crystal, the other end to draw a line as straight as possible to keep lines. Wear goggles and masks, and gently pushed into the crystal of your circular saw blades. Advancing slowly, let the blade do the cutting work smooth. This will create a light flat.

Protect your crystal down drill press. decorative table lamps queue 1 ?-inch coring drums, you can go to your crystal. Still wearing safety equipment, and to promote the sampler slowly dropped to the bottom of the crystal. The slow progress, which will take some time, so be patient.

On the 4th line with your crystal flat-bottomed wooden lamp holder. The center hole of the lamp should line up almost completely in the hole of your crystal. Once they are lined up slowly through the screw hole in the lamp holder and stainless steel screws into the crystal drive. Again, work slowly, so you do not capture a screw.

5 twist the bulb socket, clamp lamp a chandelier light bulbs and light bulb in the lamp holder hole slip through the net, so sitting in the your Crystal hollow center. The narrow tip chandelier light bulbs work best, because they easily fit in the narrow channels of the crystal center. Set up your desk lamp, plug in the power and enjoyment.