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China LED epitaxial materials and the size of the chip industry

In recent years, with technological breakthroughs, applications development, in the past from people concerned about the light-emitting diode (LED) all of a sudden become a race to develop high-tech world, while China is also the 

Desk Lamps technology as the "Eleventh Five-Year "significant scientific and technological areas. Since our market is fiercely competitive, "15" end to support a wide range of high-strength semiconductor lighting industry since has formed a five National Semiconductor Lighting Project Base (Shenzhen, Xiamen, Nanchang, Shanghai and Dalian), with about ten mass extension materials and chip-scale enterprises (Shenzhen side large, Xiamen Sanan, Nanchang joint creation, Shanghai and Dalian Luming Sapphire, etc.). To 2005, domestic production capacity of GaN-based epitaxial films has reached 35,100 / month, the actual chip production about 240 million / month, accounting for about 10% of domestic consumption around the chip.

Domestic manufacturers generally small, is not easy to maintain operating margins, and then rely on self-development with great difficulties accumulate. Capital expansion of existing enterprises or business combination should be the healthy development of LED Tube Light industry in the future, then have a really competitive one of the key. State financing of existing enterprises should, fund raising, investment and other policies to provide the necessary incentives and financial support, to create an environment of mergers and acquisitions. At the same time, should be limited to small-scale low-level redundant construction, in order to focus resources to the existing industrial enterprises in order to enable them to do bigger and stronger. Effect on the technical issues, technology not only determines the cost of the product, but also determines its price, technology is the key to profitability.

In terms of scale, GaN-based chip production in mainland China is only about a Taiwanese chip company's production capacity, the mainland of Taiwan chip chip market is still dominated. With the continuous white light-emitting diode applications development, and development of packaging industry in the Mainland, GaN-based chip market will have a very substantial annual growth in epitaxial materials and chip manufacturing industry very promising. At the same time, we must also see that because Taiwan chip manufacturers in the scale, technology, products and market share is still dominant, mainland manufacturers still facing very intense competition, in which the business environment is very harsh. The next few years, the Mainland 

LED Bulb Light epitaxial materials and chips depends on the healthy development of the manufacturing sector to solve the scale effect, technical effect of the two issues.

In size under certain conditions, how to improve skills and enhance the cost, increase gross profit margin is all companies are most concerned about. In R & D, through the "15" scientific and technological projects, the state of the semiconductor lighting has some support, and achieved good results.