LED ceiling lamp product parameters and product characteristics


  LED ceiling lamp LED as the light source is to choose a ceiling, which is installed inside the room, the lights over the upper flat, close to the roof installation, such as adsorption on the roof, so called LED ceiling.
  Designers of LED ceiling improvement and design, design of different types of LED ceiling lamps, ceiling only to break the traditional lighting of the common features, the design of products have multi-national patent application.
  A. apply to both indoor and outdoor, you can also play a decorative function. B. advertising. C. the performance can be added such as theft, fire, air purification and other functions.
  LED ceiling lamp product parameters:
  LED Ceiling Size: 320mm
  Model: D-100
  Voltage :85-265V
  Power: 18W
  Color temperature :7000-8000K
  Lumens :820-940Lm
  Operating temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 45 ℃
  LED ceiling lamp uses Taiwan's Chi Mei 3528, high-brightness 17-18LM / Pearl (7000-8000mcd)
  LED ceiling lamp Features:
  1, cover the use of acrylic materials, light color uniform, glare, high transmittance
  2, built-in power supply for easy installation
  3, can replace conventional 54W Ceiling, etc.
  4, optional wireless remote control switch voice switch tune bare human body sensors switch functions, the lighting for the corridor, hallway, bathroom, corridor, room, hallway, bathroom  and other public places.