Re-wiring the old method of Floor Lamp


  You may have a favorite vintage Floor Lamp, not exposed part, but it does not work. Taking the time to reconnect an old Floor Lamp is easier than it sounds. With a few simple steps, you can breathe into your old lamp new life. Here is how to reconnect your old Floor Lamp.
  1 to determine the line set and socket configurations. Note that if there is an electric lamp or two for them to run. This information will be crucial, when your home improvement store. You can also measure the length of the line. Make sure you have enough extra length of the plug end.
  2 Draw a picture of your set to your local home center stores, and take your measurements and drawing. Most Home Depot and Lowe's stores lighting experts can help you line alternative.
  3 Choose your Floor Lamp new replacement wire set, including new outlets and switches. For the old lights, it is difficult to know the exact location of the electrical problem may be, it seems best to just use the light of the "skeleton", but replace all electrical components. This will eliminate possible need in the near future to replace something else.
  4 In addition to light bulbs. Most floor lamp is threaded pipe screwed together, so unscrew the base and began to work. If necessary, make plans, let you know how things fit back together.
  5 ReWire lamp, lamp socket through the new line, then attach the new socket and a small wire nut to ensure that your colors match. Hot red and black neutral wire. Ensure that no bare wire shows these connections.
  6 lights back together. Your chart as a reference, if you do one.
  7 try them out. Test ground fault outlet plug it into your Floor Lamp. If you are wired wrong, this will limit the risk. If it still does not work, take it to an electrical shop, let them see you re-wiring. Is possible that your connection is secure.