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English words, abbreviations, the main meaning: LED = Light Emitting Diode, LED, is a way to convert electrical energy intovisible light of the solid-state semiconductor devices, which can be converted directly into electricity to light; LED = Large Electronic Display, a large electronic display ; LED = Lupus erythematosus disseminatus, disseminated lupus erythematosus,a chronic, idiopathic autoimmune disease; led the lead in the pasttense and past participle, meaning "leader, to lead"; Russia'sPulkovo airport, IATA code.This entry focuses on light-emittingdiodes.

Desk Lamps OT-WY905-1

Desk Lamps OT-WY905-1
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    product: table lamp

    item no.:OT-WY905-1

    packing: color box 16.5*16.5*27.5

  • good output light 
    three installation methods LED (Light Emitting Diode), LED is a solid-state semiconductordevices, which can be converted directly into electricity to light.The heart of the LED is a semiconductor chip, the chip attached to one end on a bracket, one end is negative, the other end to connect the power supply positive, so that the whole chip isepoxy encapsulated. 

    LED Tube Lights Semiconductor chip consists of two parts,part of P-type semiconductor, the hole in it the dominant, the other side is N-type semiconductor, in here is mainly electronic.But neither of these semiconductors, when connected between them to form a "PN junction."   Desk Lamps When the current through the wireact on the chip, electronics will be pushed to the P zone, with the P zone electron hole recombination, and then will be issued in the form of photon energy, which is the principle of LED light. The wavelength of light determine the color is determined by thematerial forming the PN junction.